Version 1.3.3 Changelog

The Pretty Deadly Upate Monster abilities have been completely overhauled new system of basic and enhanced effects to further customize most abilities New art for the Tracks chapter Thanks Noah Slayers, aka Caardvark New page backgrounds Martial Disciple has been reworked Adaptive Defenses has been reworked Shock Trooper and Omega capstones have been buffed […]


Foundry VTT system – beta

We have created a Stuff of Legends system for use with Foundry VTT. This is an early beta, and while it could certainly do a lot more, it should provide a basis for playing SoL within foundry. Installation To install, simply extract this .zip file to your FoundryVTT/data/systems/ folder. This may be located in your […]


Extra Extra: Read all about extras

Extras are one of our more unique mechanics, so many GMs may not be sure how to make best use of them. This article will help by going over what an extra is, why you would want to include them in a battle, and tactics for them. Who is an Extra? Extras represent characters who […]