Thanksgiving Turkey Monster

This Giant Turkey is an Incarnate Thanksgiving Feast. 

Speed: 9

Hp: 384 HP

Power Level: 96

Turns per Round: 4, losing 1 every time it loses 96 HP. 

Thanksgiving Feast – All damage dealt to the turkey monster creates a morsel in it’s hex with an hp value equal to the damage it took. These morsels may be consumed by it’s opponents to heal the corresponding amount of hp by spending a step while in the same hex as a morsel or adjacent to it.

Gravy Wave[Rm]- As a major action, the Turkey may create a 6 hex cone of gravy originating from itself which inflicts 18 vulnerability and slow 2. A successful defense roll halves this damage and slow. Boost: +3 damage or +5 damage to a single target

Gobble[O]- As a major action, the turkey may make 5 strikes in it’s melee range, dealing 7 damage each. If at least 4 hit, the turkey heals 21 hp and removes a lesser removable condition. Boost: Take an additional strike.

Surge: This creature may take 3 of these attacks as a Surge. Boost: Take an additional Strike

Crescent Roll– As a major action, the Turkey can Dash up to 6 hexes in a straight line. It can move through enemy hexes during this movement, and deal 12 damage to each enemy adjacent to them at any point in this movement.

A creature can only take damage from this effect once per use of this ability. Enemies hit but this are flattened – they are knocked prone, and must spend 3 steps to stand. Boost: +2 damage

Stuffing[O] – As a major action, the Turkey can strike an enemy within 12 hexes. On a hit, they are grappled, and the Turkey vomits stuffing down their throat, dealing 13 Ongoing damage for 3 round.  Boost: +3 to hit

Potato Mash[O] -As a major action, the Turkey may take 1 Strike at -4 to hit, dealing 40 damage. The target is embedded in mashed potatoes, and 10 points of damage must be dealt to them before they can move. Boost: +2 to hit 

Sweet Potato Casserole – As a minor action, the turkey can throw sweet potato casserole in 1 hex burst within 6 hexes. These hexes are covered in sticky marshmallows, which lasts until the end of the encounter. Any creature entering these hexes or starting their turn in it are slowed 2 and are Weakened 5. Boost: increase the Weakened by 3.

Green Bean Casserole– As a minor action, the Turkey may throw green bean casserole at a  target within 12 hexes, striking them for 20 damage and blinding them 8. Boost: +4 to hit

Cranberry Sauce -As a minor action, the Turkey may add cranberry sauce to it’s attack. This is a rider that does 10 damage and disables the target. A defense roll halves the damage and negates the disabled.

Thanks[C]. As a Counter, the Turkey  gains a Thankfulness. 4 Thankfulness can be spent to take an extra major action

Pecan Pie Armor: The Turkey is covered in Pecan Pie Armor giving it 384 Resistance.

Hoverer – While too ungainly to fly, by furiously flapping it’s wings it can hold it’s altitude. +3 speed

Huge– The Turkey occupies 7 hexes, is 3 hexes tall, and has 2 additional hexes of reach. It is immune to Forced movement that doesn’t originate from a huge creature.

Seeker – This creature may ignore target priority when attacking.