The Stuff of Legends™

Now starring, you!

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The Stuff of Legends is a track based tabletop RPG, using Tracks as a form of multiclassing that allows you to build your own class within minutes.

Tracks allow a level of character expression and customization surpassing most class-based RPGs, while maintaining the simplicity of class-based progression. Tracks are inspired by and a spiritual successor to RoCs Legend.

We’re great at the TTRPG aspects of-


A tabletop RPG with quick, easy character generation that makes powerful, thematic PCs tailored to their concept. By picking 3 Tracks from over 100 available (and growing!) you quickly create a unique and powerful character.


Every concept is a balanced and interesting option. Players can easily pick options that appeal to them without breaking the game. Gamemasters don’t have to guess at party or enemy strength.


Our monster generation system allows a new GM to make new monsters within minutes, and pro GMs within seconds. The monsters in The Stuff of Legends™ are just as thematic and concept-fitting as PCs, and about as dangerous, too!