Foundry VTT system – beta

We have created a Stuff of Legends system for use with Foundry VTT. This is an early beta, and while it could certainly do a lot more, it should provide a basis for playing SoL within foundry.


To install, simply extract this .zip file to your FoundryVTT/data/systems/ folder. This may be located in your Users/*user*/AppData/Local folder, depending on how you installed Foundry.


  • Custom Character Sheets for PCs and Monsters
  • Icons for our conditions (Thanks Mjhx)
  • Automatic bar management – Health bars, energized bars, etc – based on your build and current conditions
  • Library of existing tracks, monster abilities, artifacts, features, and perks
  • Custom turn tracker to handle our initiative system. Current player can select who is next before ending their turn.
  • Default Hex grid
  • Support for custom resources to track per track or ability

Not Working

  • No Premade trinkets
  • No premade ability macros
  • No custom support for more unusual tracks like summoner