TSoL’s future licensing

When Wizards of the Coast released the 1.1 and subsequent 2.0 OGL, this sparked a lot of voices to speak up.

This is Reify’s voice, regarding The Stuff of Legends.

Big caveat! Currently, we’re not yet at our first ‘Big Public’ release, and as such no official terms are being put down yet. This is largely a Statement of Intent for when we do the Big Public release.

Since making this, we’ve moved from simply being players, to being GMs, to also being game designers. Being steeped in game design is a whole new perspective, and the amount of work it takes to design and make simple homebrew, whole new systems, or just putting some houserule bandaid on your favorite standby which hasn’t aged well, is all beating with the same heart.

We like making things and we like that you like making things.

When it comes to homebrew, fan creations, third party creations, community stuff, and other things of that sort, we love it and want to encourage it. That means we’re never gonna try to claim it as our own, and also we think you’re cool for making it AND ALSO we are downright smitten that you liked TSoL enough to make something for it. But you made it, not us, and we respect that, creator to creator.

Whatever licensing terms we go with when we do our final release will reflect that.

Reify, LLC