Earth Magic

The Stuff of Legends team has constantly discussed that refluffing is more than acceptable. We often have a fluff in mind when developing a track, but it is hardly the only way to describe the abilities. To emphasize this, I present to you the Earth Magic variant of the Aeromancy track.

One thing to be cautious of here is that none of the abilities are [Ground] abilities, meaning that they do work on flying creatures.  Some abilities are really easy to represent as a [Ground] ability, so I’ll include both a version that works as though it had the [Ground] tag, and a version that doesn’t. If you are using the abilities in situations where the [Ground] tag does not apply, feel free to use either option.

Boulder Toss is the new fluff for Gale, the first facet ability. You magically create a large rock and hurl it at the enemy. It forces the target two hexes back because they just got hit by a giant rock.  The surge is just a smaller version of Gust, and can be similarly refluffed.

The second facet ability, Windblast, is a very simple refluff.  It is now Tremor, causing the very ground itself to shake. However, that would imply it only works on non-flying enemies, so we can also represent this as Rock Shards, where you fling a flurry of much smaller rocks at the area.

The third facet ability, Gale, can be expressed in two ways again.  First, refluffing it as Earthly Rejection lets you have the ground itself throw enemies away, and creatures now need to walk cautiously to dodge this effect.  Alternatively, Earthen Shield can surround yourself with a storm of small rocks, and the initial force of this throws enemies away from you.

The Barrage ability of the fourth facet doesn’t need a new name.  You throw a barrage of rocks at enemies, and if they miss, they damage the ground.

At fifth facet, you now gain your Floating Rock ability, which lets you move around on a floating rock.  Additionally, this increases your attunement with the elements, increasing the power of your attacks.

You can petrify parts of your targets with your sixth facet ability, Petrification. Of course, your enemies are very powerful and shrug off complete petrification, it merely slows them, hindering their movement for a round, and damaging them in the process.

At seventh facet, you now master your earth abilities with a Sandstorm. This works exactly like a tornado, except with more rocks and sand in it.