Version 1.2.01 Changelog

Role’ing Along

  • buffed scanner
  • nerfed echoed power
  • adjusted lasers
  • adjusted form shift f7
  • made cantrips Rm, split into primary and secondary effects.
  • redid medic
  • redid holy healer
  • redid chronomancer to be more timey
  • new track: Jinx. Watch your enemies have bad luck.
  • adjusted potions to be more shareable
  • New visual style – let us know what you think!
  • Made removing greater restorable conditions more explicit about how much gets removed.
  • restored a perk point to kung fu master and duplicator
  • new sample item; Golden Spurs; Make your mount faster
  • new Role and skill system: Your roles have ranks, which determine what you can do reliably vs what you need to roll for
  • new spell system: spells are much more freeform now and tie into your roles
  • changed the skill perks to fit the new role system
  • removed some perks: Lie to me, Tracking, Trail, Navigator, Find shelter – they didn’t fit the new role system.
  • approaches have been changed to fit the new skill system. They now attach to roles, and have a completely different effect and different options.